V: 1 Chapter 2 -Learning and growing-

Hello my esteemed readers, I am sorry for the cliffhanger test, but I hope you will forgive me for I present you the Chapter 2 and possibly some real info this time.

I hope you enjoy!


(Akao’s P.O.V)

The day has finally come, my mother decided that today I will meet other children. Even though I begged mother to let me stay here, mother was adamant on giving me play mates of my age.

We arrived at the house where we were supposed to meet with other children, I felt more nervous with every step I took.

I went inside and was greeted by the women who had visited our house many times, this house was a little bigger than our own house, but I didn’t have time to think about that, since I entered the grand room in the house where the other 2 year old children were playing, there were about 7 children playing, but when I entered, they all turned to stare at me.

I felt like wanting to cry, so I just stared back while holding my mom’s hand, mum let go of my hand, and gently pushed me from behind forward, I have been able to walk already for awhile, so it wasn’t a job or anything to me to walk on my own, but as the other children and their parent kept on staring at me, I entered the corner of the playground and sat down.

After everyone stopped staring at me, and continued what they were doing before, I finally sighed out of relief, but I still felt uncomfortable, ever since I was able to walk, I was always on constant move, because I liked the feeling of freedom, I felt bored, so I decided to try something.

(Serane’s P.O.V)

Akao stood up, and suddenly he started doing strange movements, He was copying his father’s training, but he got really tired really quickly, so he couldn’t do it even for one minute.

Seeing what Akao was doing,I  just smiled gently I thought that Akao was too young to try the training that Michael was doing so I thought Akao would stop after trying once, but what happened next surprised me and many of the parents.

(Akao’s P.O.V)

I stood up and started trying again, this time I managed to keep it for at least 1 minute and half. I managed that by removing unnecessary movements and keeping the image of my father doing it in my mind so that I would be able move more fluently, after succeeding I smiled brightly and looked at  mom, but after noticing many were again looking at me, I turned red and shyly looked to the ground, but I didn’t stop still, I wanted to become as strong as my father, I knew by doing these movements I would one day be able to move like father, so I didn’t stop, but continued doing it for a while.

After a while I noticed that three people had joined me, they were behind me trying to mimic my movements, I stopped and looked at them, they just stared back, I looked more closely at them without being embarrassed, one of them was clearly a male dwarf with deep blue eyes a mischievous smile on and he had lightly tanned/red skin, one seemed to be of the same race as mother, an female elf with pale white skin and a deep purple eyes, she had an strangely bewitching smile, the last one was a cute looking human female, with silver eyes, to tell the truth she looked like an airhead, she was smiling like she didn’t even know what she was doing.

*I don’t know why they decided to imitate me, but let’s just ignore them.* I thought to myself.

*Ugh…I can feel them staring at me, mom please help!* I thought to myself when I decided to boost my movements, suddenly I started moving a lot faster and smoother, surprising the children and parents once again, *was it even possible to have those kinds of movements as a child the parents thought.*

Even though I got quickly tired, I was lying on the ground, but I felt even more uncomfortable, I noticed that everyone were again staring at me again. I groaned and looked at mom for help, but she just smiled, and waved at me, Uh, please help mom.

After noticing that I was just lying on the ground, without moving the parents quickly resumed their talking, and the children started playing again, some were even trying to imitate me, but since they couldn’t walk as steadily as I could, they quickly gave up.

*But… Why are they still staring at me, can’t they see I’m tired.* I looked and saw the faces of the three children who were imitating me before.

The three children walked around me. I wondered what were they doing, and then the dwarf male spoke. I guess he assumed the role of their leader.

“Amazing! How dlid you move so fast?” the male dwarf spoke.

*I guess he isn’t yet able to speak as fluently as I could, but he still spoke surprisingly fluently.* I was feeling a little happy now that I was talking to someone of my age. So I decided to give as good of an answer as I could.

“I just k-kept my fa-ather’s image in my mind, an-“…I bit my tongue.

They just stared at me for a while, but then they all smiled and started laughing.

“Haha, you’re funny, my papa and mama always told me to introduce myself politely, so my name is Cid, and the elf girl next to me is Lulu and the female human is called Yuna. (Yay for final fantasy). Nice to meet cha.” Cid surprisingly politely introduced himself and the two females, also said their greetings.

“I-It’s not like I was amazed by your fast movements.” Lulu the elf girl introduced herself somewhat weirdly, but what is this burning sensation in my heart, is this what they call tsundere? While I was contemplating this sensation, the other female introduced herself.

“Heey,” Yuna…I guess introduced herself? I guess I was right she is an air head, she looked so sleepy when she said that. ‘sigh’. Oh I should probably introduce myself. This time without biting my tongue.

“Nice to meet you beautiful ladies and handsome dwarf, my name is Akao, it is a great name given to me by my mother and father, I’m pleased to meet you.” I somehow said some odd words, why did I call them beautiful, and handsome? I just meant to introduce myself normally, I didn’t even stutter.

Yuna and Lulu blushed, while Cid grinned proudly.

*Well I guess it’s fine, I should have probably called them by name, but I guess this made a more favorable impression.* I thought to myself, I glanced at my mom and she seemed surprised. Huh I wonder why?

“Haha, you clearly have an eye for people, I meant to ask you, would you like to play together with us?” Cid said while grinning, I wonder if it’s natural for children this young to speak like this, I wondered I thought from my mothers and fathers words that I was somewhat special, but Cid is talking just fine as well.

“Err.. well okay, but what should we do.” I said while trying to hide my embarrassment, I thought myself to be special, but I was clearly wrong, I held my head too high, I shouldn’t make this mistake again.

After that we spent time playing, until it was time to leave, I was a little tired, but I had fun, I will come again next time, I said goodbye to Cid, Yuna and Lulu, I swallowed my embarrassment and said.

“L-Let’s play together again next time!” I didn’t wait for an answer, but I saw Cid, Yuna and Lulu smiling, I quickly took hold of mothers hand and started walking away.

2 years have passed since that day, I have kept on training, and I have played everyday with Cid, Yuna and Lulu, I have a lot of fun playing with them, Cid even calls me his best friend.

I asked them one day about their parents, it seems like Cid’s parents are both dwarves, Cid’s father works as the main blacksmith of the town, in other words I guess he is the most skilled blacksmith in town, he proudly stated that.

“ I have  been learning blacksmithing from father and I was even called genius.”How envious my father won’t teach me no matter how much I ask, but then I noticed he didn’t talk about his mother’s profession, so when I asked he just stared at me plank faced and said.

“Well the truth is I don’t know what my mother does for her job…My father calls her a jack of all trades, I guess that means she knows a little about every crafting profession, I’m not really sure, but I know mother has taught me, alchemy, tailoring and a bit of other crafting professions.” Cid says while scratching his head. I just nod my head, I have no idea what Jack of all trades means, I guess I should ask mom when I get home, next I asked about Yuna’s parents.

She said that her mother is the lead priestess of the church of Amatsukami, *Hmm… Whenever I hear that name I always feel like I have heard It before, we have visited the church many times, but I have never really asked anything about the great god Amatsukami, maybe next time I should ask mom or dad about it.*

“So who’s your father? Is he also a priest?” I asked while trying to shake the odd feeling from my head.

“Yeah, he is also a priest, both mom and dad, have taught me holy magic, light magic and healing magic. They never really praised me, they only said as expected from our daughter. Well they sometimes call me airhead, but I don’t know what that means. I just want to help people and if I learn magic I can help people!” Yuna says with a gentle smile on her face.

*I see her mother was that beautiful young priestess, I wonder if Yuna will grow up to be as beautiful?* I thought to myself, but I quickly shrugged those feelings away and turned towards Lulu, she looked into my eyes for a while, before showing an angry look on her face.

“It’s not like I care about being last, but fine I will tell you since you want to know that badly.” Lulu says while having that angry looking face.

*Really what an unique way to speak, I wonder if she hates me?* I thought to myself, after that she told me that her mother is an moon elf while his father is a sun elf, so I asked are you an moon elf or sun elf?

“I am an moon elf, moon elf’s characteristics include a beautiful pale white skin!” She says proudly.

*So that’s why she has beautiful pale white skin, and here I was afraid that she didn’t get enough sun.* I thought while eyeing her up and down. She looks really embarrassed for some reason, I wonder if I did something wrong, better change the subject quickly.

“’cough’ So what are their jobs?” I ask Lulu.

“My mother is an magician of no small talent, so she works as an enchanter and at the alchemist shop, and my father is a great magician as well, but he works as an guard and a hunter.” Lulu answers with shining eyes, she looks at me like a puppy expecting a treat.

“I see thank you for telling me. I was wondering where you got your beautiful pale white skin, I see your mother and father are talented magicians, so I expect you have also learned some of their magical skills?” I for some reason spoke in excessive praise, I wonder if I am sick, but well she looks happy, I will just try to hold my tongue next time.

It was time for me to go home to eat, so I said goodbye, since they already knew my parents jobs, so I decided to walk home, on the way home I was thinking, why did everyone else’s parents teach their children their jobs, but not my parents… I had this bad feeling, but I just shrugged it off and went home.

After I arrived at home, something surprising happened…


I hope you enjoyed this chapter, little Akao, sure is fluent with his words, I wonder what will happen next in his story, he starts to wonder something about his parents, I wonder what surprising happened at his home. Btw, sorry for the names, I couldn’t just make good sounding names out of nowhere.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time!

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