V: 1 Chapter 1 Town of Raaskaar

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After finding a baby in the forest, Michael and Serane decided to return back to their town, since they had already done what they were doing in the forest.

After arriving at the town, the smiles on towns people, turned to looks of curiousness, they weren’t expecting them to return with a naked baby from a request to go to the forest to gather herbs, mushrooms and other materials for alchemy and crafting, after all they had taken a request from the towns adventurer’s guild, to go into the B rank forest and gather ingredients for the village crafters.

Michael looked like an typical human holy knight, or something similar, he had two big backpacks, filled to the brim with ingredients, he was walking next to Serane, while feeling a little awkward from all the strange glances they are receiving. Seeing this Serane smirked and said to Michael.

“It can’t be helped, after all, I don’t look like a woman who just gave birth.”

“Ha-ha, ‘sigh’ let’s just get to the adventurer’s guild, after that… Should we ask if anyone knows about this baby? Maybe leave an request to the guild for information about the baby?” Michael said while nodding to himself.

“Not a bad idea, but we should still take this baby to our house, and raise him, since I don’t believe this baby’s parents are going to come and demand him to themselves, and besides I kind of want to become his mother, after all he is so cute.” Serane said while rubbing her cheeks to the baby’s cheeks.

“What ever you want my lady.” Michael bowed while smiling.

They arrived at the adventurer’s guild, and received more curious looks, but since most people were busy, they didn’t stare long.

Michael and Serane went to the receptionist to turn in the quest, the elf receptionist didn’t even show a surprised look, she just handled the job, like a professional should.

After receiving money for the job, Michael gave a request to find information about the baby, he just told, them that they found him in the B rank forest after completing the job, and they decided to take care of him at least as long, the real parents don’t show up.

After the giving the request to the receptionist, they decided to head home, for now after all the baby was still naked, they needed to get some clothes made for him, before he suffers from cold, after all they had free time for rest of the day.

After entering their house, they immediately decided to look something for the baby to wear, it wasn’t hard since it didn’t need to be anything great looking, just something that will keep the baby warm. They entered the living room where the fireplace was, after setting a fire, Michael sat to a chair next to Serane, and gulped, then he said.

“W-Well, we have something to do, before anything else… Naming this baby.” Michael had a name he wanted to give to him, but he felt nervous since he didn’t think that Serane would accept it.

“Heeh, AND what do you suggest we name him?” Serane gave a sharp glare to him.

“’gulp’ I was thinking we should name him Rohan Michael Midoras, in honor of my great grandfather Rohan Lucifer Midoras.” Michael hoped that Serane would understand if he said it was in honor of his dead great grandfather, it wasn’t a bad name by any means, but Serane wanted a cute name, in honor of his looks.

“I see… It’s not a bad name, but it sounds too fierce, it doesn’t really fit this baby just look at him, he looks so cute. I have a better name for him, how about Lute Shean Midoras?” Serane wasn’t going to give him a fierce warrior’s name.

“Err… b-but we should give him an warrior’s name, after all he will be the son of two A rank adventurers. I mean it’s not a bad name, but it sounds like a name of a milk drinker.” Michael said trying his best to remain calm, after all he was afraid what Serane might do to him, if he would act too inconsiderate.

“Ho-h, well I see where you are coming from, but I still think we should give him a name, deserving of his looks.” Serane had a good point, but the smile she showed, made Michael tremble in fear.

At that point, they noticed that the baby was waking up, he slowly opened his eyes. What Michael and Serane breathless was a beautiful deep red right eye, and a light blue left eye.

Seeing this sight Serane muttered a name quietly.

“Akao…” Hearing this Michael looked into Serane’s eyes, and looked back at the baby, and nodded.

That day the baby received his name, that would be known in heaven and hell.

The next day, Akao spent more of his time awake, for the delight of his new parents, even though they didn’t know how old Akao was, they assumed he was just few days old, because he looked so small. but Akao’s eyes were sharper than the eyes of a child of that age, he seemed to be eyeing everything, even though he didn’t move.

In the morning at 8:00 am Michael left for his job as an water god style swordsmanship instructor, leaving Serane to play with Akao.

Michael was the strongest swordsman in this town, he was an expert ranked in water god style, advanced rank in light speed style, and intermediate, in earth god style. It was a great thing to attain expert ranking in one sword style, but knowing all three and raising them up to intermediate rank, was not easy job. Michael also worked as a guard, but it was only on specific days. Today was not such a day.

As Serane was in home, since her job would begin in afternoon, she was playing with Akao, after seeing Akao look around sharply, she noticed that he was able to follow the movements of her hands. She decided to show a little something special to Akao, Magic, she casted a beginner ranking basic light magic spell, the chant consisted of one word, it was truly a basic spell, she chanted ¤light¤-, a ball of light appeared and hovered around, it spun in circles around Akao. For the first time Akao showed a cute smile, which caused Serane to stop and hug Akao tightly. “So cute!” She said. She fed Akao and put him to a bed made for babies and Akao fell asleep.

After Michael arrived from his job at 12.00am, Serane left for her job, as well as working as an A rank adventurer, she also worked in an alchemist’s shop, she herself was an expert ranking High elf magician, so she was greatly respected around town, she knows various magic spells, but she has the highest affinity for Weather, Lightning, Nature, water and ice magic. Even though weather is a sub category for Nature magic, it was still a formidable magic, able to control the weather around large areas.

After Serane left for her job, Michael picked the woken Akao up and moved outside, he placed him gently on a baby sitter made out of soft material, and started training in front of him. The reason for that was he wanted to show Akao his strength. He glanced at Akao, noticing that Akao was looking at him with a cute smile on his face, Michael started to move even faster, and doing stronger blows.

After finishing training, he noticed that Akao looked like he was in a bad mood, so he thought it was probably, because he was hungry, he was curious as to why wasn’t he crying, but decided to hurry and give Akao something to eat, the problem was what? He looked around the kitchen, but then he noticed a small bucket filled with ice, and the was a bottle filled with milk, and a note which said ‘Feed Akao with this if he becomes hungry while I am gone.’

After feeding Akao, he fell asleep, so he gently placed him in the bed.

Like that the days went by.

-1 year later-

“Mama, I’m hungry.” It was Akao speaking, surprisingly fluently, even though he mixed some cute words in it.

“Okay, dear come here I will feed you.” Serane said while she was reading some books, and letters.

Even though Akao was able to speak, he didn’t speak much at all, because he was rather shy around others, when ever there were visitors at the house he would keep quiet, while hoping that nobody would pay any attention to him. Well his plans always failed and he quickly became the center of attention, there were surprisingly many middle aged women coming to visit, they would always comment on how cute Akao was, causing Akao, to look down shyly, which caused an even more loud reaction from the women.

Most of the time Akao spent just watching and listening people, nothing eventful happened in this one year, sometimes when his parents would leave on a quest, he would be taken care by the woman next door, when ever Michael and Serane came back from their quests they would always tell him many stories, and give him toys. Akao was asked many times to meet other children, but Akao always was too shy and didn’t want to meet others, he would hide behind Serane, and refuse, bay moving his head sideways.

-1 year later-

…The dreaded day came…



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