-Volume 1- -Prologue – M-M-mysterious!

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My first fan fiction, please lower the flaming a little I have a fragile heart. Anyway here I go! Is what I say to myself to calm down now ladies and gentlemen enjoy the CHILD OF MYSTERY Prologue/One shot.


Since the birth of the planet Terraria’s Dragons, Demons and Angels and their Gods have existed always, but while angels were the light, demons were the darkness, for that reason, the gods, had said that they couldn’t ever get along, so the gods and their angel servants have fought an endless war against the Demon lords and their loyal minions demons.
The war was in the favor of the gods and their angels since demons were very unorganized and they didn’t have gods blessings unlike angels who had their gods blessings and were fearsome warriors who followed the orders of the God of war Kamisenso.

Warring all the time had it’s consequences Terrarias slowly turned into the land it is known today, 6 continents, the war was mostly focused on 1 continent since Terrarias is a large planet it didn’t feel weird at all using only one continent for their war.

Eventually some angels, and demons got tired of the constant warring, and scattered to the other five continents, and mingled with the other races, giving birth to the elf races, demi human races, dwarves, and other races as well, but last but not least they gave birth to humans.

Humans were weakest and the most short lived of the many races on Terrarias, but they had an incredible ingenuity and they could use magic which demi humans couldn’t use, also they, with training, could match the strongest demi humans, slowly, but surely humans started to take over most of the continents with their great birth rate, and strength they wanted to conquer all the continents, so they entered the 6th continent also known as ‘Forbidden continent’

Humans entered the continent and were met with the sight of a war between gods, angels, demons and demon lords, humans being the power greedy beings, were slowly turned to help the demons, thus turning the war into the demons favor, but just as it seemed like the angels were doomed, they had awoken ‘them’ Dragons.

The dragons were enraged for being awoken, by the constant warring, they attacked all three of the races, threatening to wipe them all out, it was at that time, the gods and demon lords, and human kings, decided to meet and sign a peace treaty and fight the real threat the dragons.

With the combined power of the three great races they drove off the few dragons that attacked, but in the end they suffered huge casualties, and the humans no longer were able to control the five continents, so they left the continent and the continent was completely sealed off in fear of the dragons awakening again.
-What they didn’t realize that someone or something was watching the war the whole time with judging eyes.-

Gods, demons and humans made a peace treaty, but none of the races trusted each other.

Gods and demons decided that they can’t live in the same realm, with each other, so they decided to retreat into their own realms.

Thus gods created High Heaven their own realm. It’s a mesmerizing place where there are many beautiful building and vast lakes and lush vegetation it was truly a heavenly place where the angels could rest and serve their gods. It also had a gateway that connected to the world of Terrarias, which always reminded the angels of the demons, and so they could quickly deploy their forces in case demons broke the peace treaty, and Terrarias would become a battlefield once more.

Demon lords created Hell the place where demons would feel that they truly belonged, the demon lords made the hell a truly dark and feared place it had 4 different realms that all connected to each other, every demon lord created their own realm that they would watch over.

The 1st demon lord’s realm is a fiery lava hell it was filled with demons with high affinity to fire and/or darkness, and it was the most passionate realm where the demons fought and trained every day to become stronger. It was a place where strength meant everything. The Demon lord of the first realm had passionate hatred towards gods and their angels, since they murdered his wife. He was constantly training to become strong enough to slay the god who murdered his wife.

The 2nd demon lord’s realm is an freezing ice hell, it was so cold that if the 1st demon lord came there it would lower his fierceness a lot. Of course it had demons with high affinity to ice and/or water and of course darkness since demon’s have naturally a high affinity to darkness. The demons in this place used it to master their arcane arts with meditation strengthening their minds and bodies in case their hatred towards gods and angels, would cause another war. The 2nd Demon lord is an cold calculative strategist, he believes that any battle can be won with his cold heart and strategic mind, he is mostly responsible for tempting humans to join the demons side. He hates the God of War with great passion, since his strategies, beat his, before humans intervened the war.

The 3rd demon lord’s realm is vast jungle with poisonous plants and monsters roaming about. It had the highest casualty rating of all demon realms. Demons with high affinity to earth, poison, plants and darkness were there. Many demons when they came of age were sent to this treacherous jungle, where they would have to survive for a long time, without the permission to take anything with them. The demon lord of this poisonous jungle was an extremely odd person she loved to torture and at the same time, she loved to be tortured, she would sometimes send poisonous monsters to demons who visited her realm, and watch them as they get poisoned, and tortured.

The 4th demon lord’s realm is an realm of pure energy and constant thunderstorm, it would be an surprisingly electrifying experience to visit the 4th realm with the light and constant lightning it seemed oddly colorful place for demons to habitat. Demons with high affinity to lightning, energy, air, weather and darkness had their homes built there. Here demons would get their inspiration for new spells, and magic, they would also build their reflexes by constant training.

On an serene in other words a normal day in high heaven in a beautiful silver and gold palace, an extremely beautiful no beautiful wasn’t enough to describe the woman who was sitting on a chair, she had luscious long silver hair, breasts that would make any man drool, hips that were perfect for child birth, buttocks that looked perfect no matter at what angle you looked at them, and a face that looked serene yet at the same time fierce her beautiful deep blue eyes would suck in anyone who looked at them she wore an pure white dress that seemed to be made by the greatest tailor to exist, she had the sweet smell of peaches all over her, she was the one and only ‘’mother of gods’’ Amatsukami (the god who was
said to be the first god of all and at the same time the ‘’leader of gods’’).

(Amatsukami P.O.V)

I was doing paper work, until suddenly I felt something behind me, I quickly turned around and saw an odd rip in space. I first thought it was an demon’s attack and instantly backed away and got into combat readiness, but what happened next was confusing to say the least, suddenly the rip in the space expanded at an alarming pace and then came an flash of light that made me shut my eyes, after the light disappeared what was left in the place of the rip was an floating, sleeping, cute baby with golden hair.

I was confused to say the least so I just stared at him without moving. How did I know that the baby was a ‘he’ well it’s simple -baby –> floating –> naked. As I was confused I heard an odd voice, that sounded neither masculine or feminine, it said **k* c**e *f ** (extra points for the person who knows what the voice said) I couldn’t hear what the voice said, because of some sort of interference from someone or something, but somehow I felt a need to help the baby.

I picked up the baby, which was sleeping, and gently placed him on a bed, after I laid the baby down, someone barged inside the room it was Kamisenso the God of War, with a fiery short red hair and a handsome face and a perfectly muscled body, he looked like someone had sculpted those muscles for him they looked like he was meant to have those muscles, he had an body tight red shirt on and black leathery looking pants, but on that handsome face was a look of extreme worry, but after noticing standing there unharmed, he sighed out of relief, but
then he looked on the bed and saw an sleeping baby.

(Kamisenso P.O.V)

I hurried into her room, with fear of something happening to her, but after entering the room I quickly noticed Amatsukami, standing there, I instantly sighed out of relief, but then I noticed a baby… yes a baby, I was confused to say the least, so I looked at Amatsukami with an expression that said ‘what is going on?’ Before I was able to ask she looked at me, opened her mouth and said.

“Don’t ask me what is going on, I have no idea what happened just then.” Amatsukami said.

“But-“ I needed to find out what is going on.

“I said I don’t have any idea Sen-kun.”Amatsukami stated while rubbing her forehead.

“Ama-sama, what happened and what is that ‘thing’’?” I said embarrassed that she called me with that name, I tried to calm down.

“Well the truth is I don’t know what he is, he looks like an human, but the weird way he appeared makes me wonder what he is.” Ama-sama said as she looked at me..

After she explained what happened here, I was furious to say the least, I feared it was a trap, I can’t allow anything to harm Amatsukami-sama. I glared at the baby with a gaze that said ‘let me slay the baby right away.’

“Ama-sama you understand that, this thing can’t be allowed to stay here, we must slay it it might be an demon’s trap.” I said while glaring at the baby.

“No! I will not allow you to slay this baby, I will take care of it.” Ama-sama said while shielding the baby from my glare. I wondered why did she protect her so much? It was clearly a trap. Or a fiend.

*I see… I can’t slay it, but it can’t be allowed to stay here, what to do…hmm-oh! That way I can keep Ama-sama safe, while allowing the baby to live.* I thought to myself, after making sure to say the words the way that Ama-sama would understood I opened my mouth and said.

“Ama-sama since I can’t allow that thing to stay here, for it is my job to keep you safe, from every possible harm, I suggest that we won’t kill it, but we send it to Terrarias, somewhere where a human might find it, I know that you want to keep it to yourself, but that would cause worry among the angels and gods, for we don’t know what it is or where it came from. You can choose the place we send it to, if you want to you can find a family for it among races in Terrarias, there are many kind people on Terrarias, it wouldn’t be a hard job for you to find it a family. So what do you think?” I said while trying to sound as polite as possible and emphasize the words ‘protect’ and ‘harmful’.

“…Understood. I can’t cause worry to my fellow gods and our angels, I will keep him until I find a place to send him. Now if you may excuse me I have work to do… keep him a secret, please…and thank you for worrying about me.” Ama-sama said while showing a lovely smile.

*Success!* I smiled while nodding and immediately excused himself and left while whistling happily.

(Amatsukami P.O.V)

Few days later, the baby has kept on sleeping I was first worried something was wrong with the baby, but after confirming it was breathing and everything was okay with it, I sighed out of relief, and kept on searching for the perfect place to send the baby to.

After a while, I found the perfect place, but I didn’t have a lot of time since the place was in a forest, where there were monsters, so I needed to hurry and send the baby to the currently perfect parents for the baby,

I immediately prepared the transporting magic. I looked at the baby for the last time in a while at least, I kissed him on the forehead, and gave him my blessings, blessing of love and the blessing of earth and I whispered into his ear.

“If fate allows it we will meet again, I wish for your safety.”

Only a few seconds later the baby arrived at the forest and woke up immediately and started crying alarming the couple of his presence.
The couple closed in while looking around carefully for any signs of monsters, after the female noticed the baby, she shouted her male companions name in a hurry

“Michael come here!”

The male whose name seemed to be Michael, he looked to be a human in his mid twenties, he had a slightly handsome face, even though it was frowning currently, he was of average height, about 180cm, he was wearing an tight looking blue, sapphire shade shirt, made out of flexible material, which showed his well trained muscles, he was also wearing a grey leather vest, made out of Gargantine’s skin, for extra protection, and silver pants, he also had an golden ring on his ring finger, and on his other hands middle finger, he had an ornate ring, which seemed to be fluctuating with power, and he also had a beautiful white, ornate sword at his waist, and a large backpack. He arrived and saw the baby and asked his companion.

“Serane, is it just me or am I looking at a baby?”

“No it is not only you… I wonder what is a baby doing, here not that it matters can you take my backpack, since I’ll carry him since I need to calm him down before any monsters come here” The female elf who looked to be in her early twenties, but since she is from the ‘immortal race’ one couldn’t determine her true age, she also is an average height of 164cm, with cute pointy ears and a beautiful face, and a slim body, she was wearing an beautiful purple dress which was cut to allow easy movements, she said to Michael while holding the baby and gently calming him down.

After a while the baby settled down and fell back to sleep.

“Ok he has calmed down, what do you think he was doing here, do you think he was abandoned here in the middle of rank B forest?” Serane asked Michael.

“That’s not an impossibility, but makes me wonder who would, abandon a baby, and why, in a forest filled with monsters? Not that it matters right now, all that matters now is what should we do?
Take him with us or…” Michael asked with a slightly uneasy face.

“You know how I have wanted a child… Well this is not exactly how I hoped for a child, but what do you say if we take him with us.” Serane asked with a lovely motherly smile.

Michael hugged Serane from behind and whispered into Serane’s ear
“We can always have more than one child.”

Serane turned around to look at Michael and gazed lovingly into his light green eyes and leaned in and deeply kissed him. The kiss lasted for at least 10 seconds, before they stopped, and decided to leave the forest for now, and go to the adventurer’s guild to turn in the quest.

This day the mysterious baby arrived at Terrarias. What will happen in the couples daily life what will become of the mysterious baby, not even gods know. Will the peace treaty between gods and demons break?
Yo wazzup? Ressa64 here to give you a short one shot anyway moving on I decided to test my might in this royal road of fanfictions If you have any suggestions or anything please give me a post *sniff* I am so lonely ): *cough* sorry for the randomness. So I decided to give you this One Shot prologue of mystery if you hate my story GJ Idc *I care a lot* no need to rate I am just making this for my amusement I am really bad at giving descriptions you know like s**** had a black sleeveless top on and this and that that’s it I will try to give my characters some color by describing their looks, but I won’t promise that I will comment on their clothes if you have any name suggestions I may change the story names If I see any interesting/good names in the comments below
Thanks for reading! And I hope to see you again sometime! Oh and if you have any ideas what you want to see in the story, please post a comment below and I will look into it.

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